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From the Owner to You

Have you ever entered a place to just have a satisfactory meal but end up having the best food experience of your entire life? I thought I was only at a small pizza place but everything changed the second I walked into the New York Pizza Factory. This was by far the most superior pizza place compared to any other pizza joint I have ever had the pleasure of dining at. I felt like I was actually in the presence of a small pizza parlor from New York in the city of Manhattan. This place has done more than exceed my expectations in all aspects possible. I had the ultimate restaurant experience with this restaurant due to the huge variety of food available. Being inside is like taking a trip to an edible wonderland of utterly deliciousness, not to mention that the setting of the parlor is extremely attractive. On top of everything else, I was completely astounded by the outstanding service from the whole employment staff!

The service I was given by the entire staff was absolutely marvelous. They did more than surpass customer satisfactory. In fact, I was very astonished of how completely professional everyone who worked there was. I was greeted in the joint right as I walked in, with a huge smile on the cashier’s face who was welcoming me politely.

I was already impressed, he looked very approachable. We must have warmly conversed for about ten minutes before I had even ordered. The cashier was obliging, sociable, and companionable. They were excellent on recommendations as I had ordered what they proposed, and it was the most delicious food I have ever eaten. The service was fast, quick, and efficient as I received my meal within only seven minutes which isn’t bad at all. There wasn’t one moment where my cup of water was less than half full. The whole staff was more than obliging and cooperative to attend to my every need possible. When I had asked for any condiments, they were much eager to satisfy my needs. I was always asked if I needed anything at all every five minutes as they looked so happy to please. You can even see the cook making pizza from the dining area. They worked thoroughly and diligently all the time as they seemed skillful and organized in what they do. Restaurants today need more people who are obliging, outgoing, and disciplined like these workers. This was top notch the best satisfying customer service I have bared to come across.

A restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage and is one of the utmost importances. It’s about more than just a dining room away from home. Factors such as music, lighting, artwork and spacing combine to create comfort for the experience. This small Ma and Pa pizza parlor has a very cozy, homely, and exquisite taste. There are old, fashionable, and unique paintings on the wall to set the mood. There’s nothing worse than staring at a bare wall. As it grew night time, the dining lights would be dimmed to portray a comfortable scene. I was feeling more at home than ever with holiday music playing softly on repeat.

There was classiness in the air with the checkered floors, tables, and a horizontal wooden counter. There are even miniature statues of Italian pizza chefs that look like Super Mario. My friends and I were able to enjoy our meal more by watching the football game on their two large flat screen plasma T.V.’s. You can even see the jolly looking owner himself tossing pizza dough in the air through the kitchen. The ambiance of the parlor was really far beyond up to par and made the experience all the better.

As it goes for the reason why I stepped in this joint in the first place, the food was a dream match with my mouth in heaven. The waiter came and placed the crispy, warm, and buttercream bread rolls beside me on a white glass plate. In front of me were yellow balls of butter. As I smothered some creamy butter on a roll of bread, I took a bite and fell in a deep loving trance. The rich, creamy, smooth and firm taste from the butter and milk had been beaten into it to add its flavor and soft texture. I had in my mouth is succulent to perfection. My mouth was watering in anticipation for more. Next, they had brought a gigantic pizza that they call the “King Kong” pizza that is two feet in diameter. The mouthwatering pizza had taken up most of the table. I inhaled the warm aroma coming from the pizza pie. Each ingredient coming from the pizza had its own delicious stomach growling smell. The faint meaty smell of the bacon was almost hypnotizing me.

The unique dough smelled like I was walking by a bakery in Paris, France. The gooey, bubbly, and creamy smell of the cheese and the zesty smell of the pepperoni were excellent in sync. The cloudy of steam was rising from the pie was like fireworks in the beginning of a show. All together the smell was ultimately appealing to my nose’s needs. As I reached for a slice and grabbed it I can feel the hot sensation and crunchiness under my fingertips. I took my first bite and felt the stringy cheese pull away from my mouth. The crispy, greasy, salty crunch of the stuffed crust was my favorite part. I was able to taste the complimented spices under the creamy cheese and tender pepperoni dancing in my mouth for more. The pie was so fresh from the oven that I can hear the sizzling of meat and the rough sound on the bottom of the pizza which makes for a great devouring grip. It’s nearly silent when I chew but I can still hear the juicy sounds swishing in my mouth. These sapid dishes are more than agreeable to the tongue.

I hadn’t had a more prominent food adventure like this in my entire life. This experience was something that I’ll never forget. I highly recommend any person who loves and enjoy fine dining to come here and share the same amazing experience. I reasonably consider this parlor the best pizza joint anyone can ever step foot in! The owner takes great pride and care in his business and all his customers. I guarantee you wouldn’t regret the drive, nor your time and money coming to this magnificent pizza place. Now I have the honor of going to this fine, small, and longtime restaurant at least a couple times a month. From the astonishing service from the staff, to the delightful restaurant scenery and the heavenly appetizing food will just blow you away.